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About Us


Why Not Tours is your one-stop shop to create, book & guide your dream trip! Our tours are all-inclusive*, with end-to-end service & easy customization options.

- Our end-to-end service means that we'll get to know you from start to finish, with extra services offered before, during & after your trip.

- Our set prices include breakfast, dinner, internal flights, activities & more. Just get to the airport and we'll do the rest!

- We are based in New Zealand. We understand Africa from local & international perspectives. You'll get the African experience with a Kiwi guarantee!

- Even though we run our tours in Africa, we can book your travel anywhere, anytime.  

*Terms & conditions apply

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Host and co-founder


Our Mission

Provide high quality, sustainable travel experiences with a focus on personalized service to create bold, unique, and unforgettable tours 

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