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Custom Africa Tours

Our promise to you as a tour company is a personalised experience; unique and unforgettable.  

If you’d like to take that to the next level, we can do that with customised tours. With this option, you’ll be travelling with a group that you can choose to go to places we will decide upon together, depending on your personal preferences. We would have multiple chats to work out a schedule that suits you and your needs. For us to customise your tour, you’ll need to travel with a minimum of four people.  

All of our tours are inclusive, in-depth and cater to all needs, but if you want that personal touch, fill in the form below to send us an enquiry. 

NOTE: Prices will vary from average tour price. 

How long would you like your holiday to be
Are you looking to travel to multiple countries?
What accommodation level are you looking for
What are your favourite parts about a trip? (click all that apply)
Which of our tours are you interested in (click all that apply)?

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