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Worlds End South Africa

Tailored Made Tours
to Africa...
Why Not?

Whether you need a quick breakaway trip from the big city or an add-on to your tour package we have some exciting options that will satisfy any traveler.

Why Not Africa

There is so much more to Africa than just incredible wildlife. You'll discover vast stretches of glorious coastlines, searing deserts, thunderous waterfalls, soaring mountain peaks and ancient history. 


Culture & history 

If you’re open to it, the world’s oldest continent is full of rich history for you to learn and culture for you to experience. 


Nature & wildlife 

From the grandeur of Victoria Falls to the vastness of Kruger, the nature and wildlife opportunities in Africa are as famous as they are infinite. 


Art & architecture 

Africa is known for their colourful expressionism, whether through fashion, murals or its mix of modern and more traditional architecture.   



Africa is larger than life and has plenty of opportunities for adventurous travellers from skydiving, to splunking, to shark-cage diving.  


Food & drink 

Whether you’re eating a Durban curry or drinking a glass of Constantia wine, Africa has a range of culinary delights to suit any traveller’s taste. 


And us... 

We’ll be more than just traditional guides or hosts, we’ll be friends and companions as we explore the marvels of Africa together. 

"I can’t believe we covered so much in every day. We covered all the most important landmarks of Cape Town, eating the best fish & chips at the Simon’s Town harbour and going to see the penguins at Boulders Beach. We saw so much and learnt a lot. Keep your camera ready and fully charged. The scenery is stunning."

Liesel Sonnekus

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